About WhatZup!

Conceived with the residents of Lefrak City in mind “WhatZup!” will be the avenue through which residents are informed of the circumstances and conditions that affect us and our community. It will also be the medium through which residents can inform the “powers-that-be” of the concerns they have about political, economic, social and other issues affecting them.
The tenants’ rights newsletter (WebSite) will be published on a monthly basis (website updated daily), with a circulation of six thousand. It is hoped that with the publication of  “WhatZup!” a new sense of dignity and pride will be brought back to the residents of our beautiful community.

WhatZup! Is willing to work with anyone in our community who has a desire to “empower” the residents of our beautiful “city.”

This newsletter (WebSite) will be a stimulus for the “return to power” of the residents of Lefrak City. They need to be in charge! We will strive to ensure that the interest of the 25,000 plus residents of Lefrak City are not compromised by the persons given the responsibility to protect them. Those individuals who have become so complacent in their arrogance that it is now common for them to be boastful of their incompetence, need to know that WhatZup! will be keeping an eye on their responses to residents concerns.

To achieve the desired results residents and friends are asked to participate in the process. Send your letters, compliments and complaints to us. We will publish them. We need ‘EYES & EARS” all over Lefrak City and our extended community to report what’s going on to our fellow residents. We need people who are serious about the business of community renewal to assist us in making the grade.

If you know you can make a difference, and would like to be a news correspondent for WhatZup! just give us a call at 917-668-2488, contact us here, or send us an email at: whatzup_lc@yahoo.com.

In Lefrak City, we all have a real “gem,” and it is with that in mind that we will be striving to make it shine once again and keep it that way. WhatZup? WhatZup!




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